As we struggle to sift through the information available many have come to one consensus and that is that again the world will change. It will never be quite the same. Some have lived through more world changing events than others. Those adults who have lived through at least one that they can remember can see the signs that say it just won’t ever be the same. Though we who are a little older have lived through perhaps several events that changed our world, there was one time when an event changed the world in a very big way. When the world started calculating years of time differently. Can you even imagine what that time must have been like? I wonder what their conversations would have been like. I wonder what they knew, how they felt as years began to be numbered with BC or AD after the number of the year. That was truly one very big change in the world.

Americans Remember 09/11/2001  Again The World Will Change

Unless you were still quite young in 2001 I’m sure you can remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when the news came that the first tower had been hit. When you found out the second tower also had been hit you probably knew it was intentional and that it was serious. It probably wasn’t long before you heard names of groups and places you may have never heard of before. Those names over the weeks became commonplace. Indeed, our lives would never be quite the same again. My family members and I said to each other on that day that it would be a time when again the world will change. We were right, but we didn’t know what those changes would be. Many people who have to fly for business and those who fly for vacations have seen big changes in our airports. There are NSA check points and body scans in our airports that were not deemed necessary prior to this event. Maybe like me you have tried to explain to younger people in your life how different things were. It’s just not quite the same when you don’t experience it firsthand though is it?

Now we have Covid-19

This time it is a worldwide event, instead of only occurring in one country. We can assume that changes will take place in every country on earth. Many countries are already saying that again the world will change.

We don’t usually attach a number to the names of the bigger flu seasons like we did this year. The New York Times Post said scientists gave the strain an interim name of 2019-nCoV, accounting for the year of discovery, its status as a “novel” virus, and its family name (CoV). The number 19 will designate the year that basically the whole world shut down for the first time in history during the flu season. The number will make it easier in the future to remember the year it came about and brought on permanent changes to our lives. We will know in the future who to ask if we want to know what life was like before Covid-19 changed how we live by just finding people who were old enough to remember their life changing after the year 2019.Again The World Will Change

Personally I have three daughters who I am sure will never forget the things they had to sacrifice during this years flu season. They were to be graduating from high school and college. The high schoolers did not get their senior prom as they were preparing and shopping for their suits and dresses and accessories as the government decided to shut down their schools. They had to finish school online at home and graduation ceremonies did not go on as planned. Some of their friends could not finish the internships needed to meet graduation requirements. All families will tell their stories about being on home bound shut in orders for months. People will reflect on the challenges to work from home while their children were schooling from home. This could only be possible in the world of modern technology with the many computerized advances that have been made in recent years. Folks will talk of what it was like to be out of work because their jobs were not considered to be essential. There will be stories about the shortages at the stores and how there were some items deemed nonessential and couldn’t be purchased. We will tell how we waited in a line to enter the store with a 6-foot distance between people. Many will talk about the various masks people wore and the gloved hands. I’m sure many will talk of the new look they got from their at home hair cuts due to barber and beauty shops being shut down. Weddings and funerals were missed because only a maximum of 10 people were allowed to gather and only for a short time as long as they stayed 6 feet apart from each other. Many traditions could not be kept. Most definitely many stories will be shared with the generations to come. Those generations to come will never truly understand what it was like pre-covid-19.

Although we will remember many things about this time I would like to make a suggestion. Because some details and emotions will fade a bit. I would like suggest that you journal about your experiences, thoughts, feelings and the events of your life during this difficult time. Get it down in writing for the generations to come to be able to read it from someone who experienced it firsthand. If you don’t like journaling you may want to designate someone in the family who is willing to jot things down for you. You may even want to have a friend or family member compile notes from text messages or emails that your family or friend group sends. That way you can have a single journal containing more information and memories on each event as it unfolds to share together in coming years. Imagine reading such a journal done by your ancestors as they wrote about the events surrounding the turn of their century going into 1900. What if they had recorded their writings of how daily life changed as WWI broke out? The things they thought, felt, and learned how to deal with. As we sit with extra time we could read their stories and feel as if we had actually been there to some extent. History is much more interesting when it’s personalized, don’t you think? Who knows maybe some day someone’s journal would be made into a book and a movie like The Diary of Anne Frank. Perhaps maybe even into a history book.

No matter what you are filling your time with these days. I hope it is productive and healthy. We know that we are in a time when again the world will change. We just don’t have the details yet. The outcome is yet to be realized. I pray these days find you well. I pray that you seek wisdom during this time of transition.


Jude 24-25 Now unto him that is able to keep you that ye fall not, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with joy, That is, to God only wise, our Savior be glory, and majesty, and dominion, and power, both now and forever, Amen.

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