I’m so glad you stopped by for a quick visit. I look forward to connecting with you and getting to know what your bible study desires and needs are. My hope is to be more than just the place where you shop for all of your spiritual growth and entertainment needs. My desire is to inspire women to start small group fellowships of their own.  I want to provide you with what you need to do just that.  Women connecting and helping women to become all they were created to be. I hope you come to feel at home here.

My name is Tina

Like some of you, I did not grow up in a Christian home. Like all of you, my upbringing was something God would use for good in years to come. Though I certainly didn’t realize it at the time, He was preparing me for things I would do later in my life. I had a godly grandmother who taught Sunday school and read the bible faithfully. Her faithful, uncompromising lifestyle was a great influence on my life. It took me several years to realize that God has a purpose for everything we experience.

I’m sure many if not all of you can relate to a busy adult lifestyle. Possibly overwhelmed at times with so many responsibilities that you just can’t fit it all in. Unfortunately, it seems I, like many busy women, often gave up my bible study and personal prayer time due to being worn out before I even started on some days. You’ve been there too I suspect.

As our children grow more independent I got a little more free time. Still, with household duties and a full-time job to make ends meet there just didn’t seem to be time for bible study, bonding in fellowship with small groups or even keeping a journal of what is learned when spending time reading scripture and in prayer.

When my children were teenagers to be home with them I began doing in-home childcare. When my oldest left for college we began doing foster care as well. Sometimes I would need to work outside the home again as my life continued on as a busy mom for several more years. During a 12-year period, we adopted two sibling groups of three children each. With my birth children now fully grown and on their own, it was truly like starting over again raising six children only 5 years apart in age. Yes, there were times I said “Lord what was I thinking” and He replied, “I’ll give you strength.” And that He did.

My husband having Muscular Dystrophy had to retire early due to physical weakening of his muscles. I had to take on more responsibilities as time passed and his abilities decreased. I found little time for bible study in my busy schedule. I also found nearly no time for fellowship with other Christian women. Being over 40 raising young children I didn’t fit in well with the parents of the children who were the same age as those I was raising. I may have fit in better with grandparents raising their grandchildren if I had known any.

Now our youngest is almost out of high school and my husband’s condition is at the point where I can no longer leave him alone all day to continue working outside the home. I have time now for bible study and I am so anxious to dig into God’s word in-depth, and seek out the truths of scripture for myself. I also long to finally enjoy fellowship with other Christian women. I was struggling to find a way to do this from home since I am unable to leave my spouse often and not for very long.

I Realized I’m Not The Only One

I came to realize that there are others who, like me are caring for loved ones who also find it difficult to find time to join small group bible studies and fellowship with like-minded Christians. There are also some people who have medical conditions that make getting out difficult for them.   Having a husband who uses a wheelchair to get around in I understand some of those struggles.  Some women are so busy (like I was) raising kids or homeschooling that getting ready to go somewhere to do a bible study, well let’s just say the very thought of it can wear you out.

Hallelujah! God Has Provided An Answer

With today’s technology, we can get that refreshing from God’s Word that we all need. We have opportunities now in a secure small group setting online that enables us to be at home still providing care to the family member we love while also getting to enjoy discussing God’s Word among the sweet fellowship of other women. We can do it all from the comfort of home online.  No more finding a babysitter if you aren’t blessed with a bible study that provides daycare services.  No more missing out on fellowship or bible study because you have a physical condition that makes it difficult.  No more missing out because you are a caregiver to a family member.  No more missing out because you’re at the age when your body doesn’t cooperate with your desires to do things.  God has provided a way and we can take advantage of that wonderful blessing.  My desire is to use commissions I receive from this website (since I’m not working at a paid job any longer) to purchase bible studies and start small group studies in my community.  With a secure private platform, I am able to share them in real-time in small group settings online with those who have difficulty joining bible studies in other ways.  I’ve never stepped out like this before, but I need it and my heart aches for those of you out there who need it as well.   I am so pleased to have the blessing of being able to be a part of making this available to you dear sisters in the Lord. I’m looking forward to us learning, studying, and growing in God’s word together.

Tina – Blessed To Be Your Small Group Online Provider

Please feel free to let me know what you are looking for in a Bible study and share tips with others on how to enhance any study.

email:  tina@womensonlinebiblestudy.com