Studying Together Supporting Each Other

Studying Together Supporting Each Other

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Best Supplement For Immune System Support

Regenr8 Custom SupplementWhen I was desperate for a better supplement I honestly feel like God led me to Regenr8. I knew I needed something and that what I was using in some areas either wasn’t working or wasn’t the best option. I completely found Renenr8 by “accident” (the guiding of God) while the company was still in its pre-launch stage. I figured what did I have to lose, so I gave it try. It changed my life and saved me money. Who isn’t looking for the best way to stay healthy and build their immune system so that it is better able to withstand whatever may come in the world of germs. There is certainly no shortage of those who say their pill is the best one. The pharmacy department of every local grocery store has shelves lined with products that say they are the best supplement for immune systems. I wanted something natural and I found it in Regenr8.

1 Corinthians 3:16 (GNV) Know ye not that ye are the Temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?

Yes you, your body and mine if you know him as your Lord and Savior houses the very Spirit of God. Mind-blowing isn’t is? We don’t often enough take a few moments to really dwell on that, do we? We are mandated to care for them too. This is a monumental task, isn’t it? We need all the help we can get to properly nourish our physical bodies. That’s where Regenr8 comes in with personalized nutrition created specifically for you using epigenetic testing from your hair sample. Showing just what and how much of it your body needs. It just doesn’t get any better than that. If you are trying to hit a specific target why not get it right in the bullseye without missing several times first?

The Bible talks about food quite a bit  Bible dietary foods

As we read through our bibles we see so many places where food is mentioned. The writings of Moses give the guidelines for the Hebrew people as they were instructed on what was considered to be clean and unclean foods. They were not to eat of any of the unclean foods. Let’s look at the situation Daniel and his friends were in for example, in Daniel chapter 1.

3 And the King spake unto Ashpenaz the master of his Eunuchs, that he should bring certain of the children of Israel, of the King’s seed, and of the princes: 4 Children in whom was no blemish, but well favored, and instruct in all wisdom, and well seen in knowledge, and able to utter knowledge, and such as were able to stand in the king’s palace, and whom they might teach the learning, and the tongue of the Chaldeans. 5 And the king appointed them provision every day of a portion of the king’s meat, and of the wine, which he drank, so nourishing them three years, that at the end thereof, they might stand before the king. 6 Now among these were certain of the children of Judah, Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah. 7 Unto whom the chief of the Eunuchs gave other names: for he called Daniel, Belteshazzar, and Hananiah, Shadrach, and Mishael, Meshach, and Azariah, Abednego. 8 But Daniel had determined in his heart, that he would not defile himself with the portion of the King’s meat, nor with the wine which he drank: therefore he required the chief of the Eunuchs that he might not defile himself. 9 (Now God had brought Daniel into favor, and tender love with the chief of the Eunuchs.) 10 And the chief of the Eunuchs said unto Daniel, I fear my lord the King, who hath appointed your meat and your drink: therefore if he see your faces worse liking than the other children which are of your sort, then shall you make me lose mine head unto the King. 11 Then said Daniel to Melzar, whom the chief of the Eunuchs had set over Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, 12 Prove thy servants, I beseech thee, ten days, and let them give us pulse to eat, and water to drink. 13 Then let our countenances be looked upon before thee, and the countenances of the children that eat of the portion of the King’s meat: and as thou seest, deal with thy servants. 14 So he consented to them in this matter, an proved them ten days. 15 And at the end of ten days, their countenances appeared fairer, and in better liking than all the children’s, which did eat the portion of the King’s meat. 16 Thus Melzar took away the portion of their meat, and the wine that they should drink, and gave them pulse. 17 As for these four children, God gave them knowledge, and understanding in all learning and wisdom: also he gave Daniel understanding of all visions and dreams. 18 Now when the time was expired, that the King had appointed to bring them in, the chief of the Eunuchs brought them before Nebuchadnezzar. 19 And the King communed with them: and among them all was found none like Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah: therefore stood they before the king. 20 And in all matters of wisdom, and understanding that the King enquired of them, he found them ten times better than all the enchanters and astrologians that were in all his realm.

Obedience always brings reward

Somehow Daniel being only a teenager at this time was able to convince Melzar, chief of the Eunuchs to allow them this dietary change. This must have been hard for Melzar to agree to because if it didn’t go well he had a lot to lose himself. I’m sure that it sounded quite strange to him. Imagine looking at the king’s banquet table and hearing Daniel say I’ll just have vegetables and lentils with water if you don’t mind. I believe God’s favor was with Daniel because he was doing what God had commanded in the law written by Moses. Since the outcome was that they could clearly see the advantages of this diet they would have likely preferred that all the captives would be given these foods as well. Therefore, we can gather that this diet was adhered to at least for Daniel and his three close friends for the rest of their lives. And notice in verse 17 after they stood up in a bold way that God gave them knowledge and understanding in all learning and wisdom and to Daniel also the understanding of all visions and dreams. Obedience always brings with it a reward. Many Jewish people today still stick to these guidelines of what they do and do not eat.

What about us todayFood Supplement for immune system

There are many people today who make it a personal choice to eat according to these guidelines because they feel it is a healthier way to eat. Some people think that God had good reason to set forth these dietary laws to His chosen people so therefore it must be the best way for our bodies (which He created) to continue eating in this way. Others feel no obligation to eating restrictions at all unless they have a specific health need. One thing we do know. Our food is of a lesser quality today because of the chemicals they may be exposed to. Air pollution from cars, planes, factories, etc. play a part as well as the depletion of nutrients in our soil. So it is easy to see how our bodies are in need of good nutritional support.

Why Regenr8Epigenetic testing Regenr8

Because it uses epigenetic testing of your hair sample it can more easily fill in the gaps where your body is lacking. It eliminates the guesswork as to what your body is in need of. It’s completely personalized just for your body’s needs. And it’s conveniently delivered every month right to your door. No more looking through store shelves for something that might be helpful. No more possibility of making a mistake of choosing the wrong supplement and having it not agree with you. No more buying something that doesn’t work and being frustrated because you’ve wasted your money. No more dealing with unwanted side effects because it’s all-natural. I can personally say it has done wonders for me. I was living on Imodium for sudden onset chronic diarrhea problems I was encountering almost daily, while doctors could find nothing wrong. I was taking extra strength Prevagen every day for brain fog. I also took a super B-12 supplement every day as well as a multiple vitamin. These all worked but I felt the Imodium was not the best way to handle the cause (which doctors never could find) of the sudden diarrhea I was dealing with nearly every day. I have taken none of these since I started on Regenr8. In the year that I have been taking Regenr8 I’ve only had diarrhea twice and I feel the same without using the other supplements I was taking. It actually is saving me money each month and I feel better. It’s truly a win-win situation for me. Give Regenr8 a look. You won’t be disappointed.    Take care of your temple.  Blessings, Tina

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