We at Regenr8 strive to keep up with the latest scientific news on epigenetics. We use epigenetics to produce your personalized nutrition and we want to be sure to share newfound information with our personalized wellness teams. When we saw this article on Bolstering Your Defenses Against COVID-19: An “Epigenetic” Diet we knew it was a great one to share with you.

Regenr8 and your immune system

We understand that diet is essential to building a strong, effective immune system. We have heard a lot lately about the immune system from a variety of people in the last few months with the outbreak of COVID-19. If you know anything about Regenr8 you know that it is plant based, non-GMO, organic and personalized to your body’s needs using epigenetic mapping. Giving your body the best chance, along with other healthy lifestyle choices to maintain a strong immune system. We know strong immune systems fight not only COVID-19 but are capable of helping you fight off any mutation or other form of illness that may come our way. Keeping your immune system strong enough to fight it off is the objective.

Could Food Compounds Epigenetically reduce risk to sars-cov-2

Epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene expression without involving changes to the underlying genome sequence. Genome modification of RNA viruses by methylation plays an important role in virus replication, assembly, and maturity. This is explained in the article linked above. The article offers a catchy way to remember an epigenetic diet matters.

Oranges, onions, berries, and tea —

Epigenetic diet for me.

Having them plenty every day,

COVID-19 is kept away.

Though parts of the article are a bit technical much of it is easy to follow and very informative. We need to be seeking out good information and ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the infectious forces around us like COVID-19. We are capable of using good information and the right nutrition combined with a healthy lifestyle to fight and win against this and other infections that come our way. I hope you can glean some good information from the article that you will put into use in your fight against these infections. I am happy to be able to provide this information as well as a great product to those health minded people who are focused on true wellness like you. Have a blessed day & be well.

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