Do you have kids getting ready to come home from college for spring break like I do? I have two in college and they will be on spring break soon. Their spring break time does not coincide with Easter so I have to prepare ahead of time.

Have you planned spring break yet?

Spring break is a special time of year in which both high school and college students look forward to. Their parents may or may not be part of their plans. As our children get older and start doing more things on their own with friends we as parents can make our own spring break plans. As a parent spring break is a time when I have prepared Easter baskets for college students in my home. Because of my husband’s disability, we no longer do spring break trips because we no longer have a way for him to comfortably travel much of a distance. Also when we do go out even the handicap bathrooms do not meet his needs. We have always done a basket for us as well as for the children through the years though.

It’s not all about candyEaster candies

all do have our favorite candies, don’t we? Some candies are more available during only certain times of the year. Easter is one of those times. Do any of you eat marshmallow chicks any other time of year? Before gourmet jelly beans we seldom, if ever ate jelly beans at times other than Easter. Jelly beans became somewhat more popular when Ronald Reagan became the president of the United States because he ate jelly beans and kept a jar of mini jelly beans on his desk. He started eating jelly beans as part of his successful attempt to give up pipe smoking. We have our favorite brands and flavors. I don’t know if they still make them like this or not, but my mother’s favorite jelly beans were the black ones. She would always buy a bag of all black jelly beans for herself at Easter time. My personal favorite is Reese’s Eggs, although I truly don’t have much of a sweet tooth and seldom eat many of them. In an attempt to get our younger children to eat less candy we added a few small toys, decks of cards, coloring books, jewelry, or small stuffed animals like the popular beanie babies and Webkinz.

Give meaningful things that last

We certainly buy less candy for the Easter baskets for college students in our family these days. As they get older we attempt to purchase things that are more meaningful. We took the time to try to choose things that we knew they would keep and be useful for years to come. We chose more special things, often personalized gifts. We like for them to have gifts that they will remember getting. Yes, they get fewer things, but it’s things they can use and will keep. With my husband’s disability and me having to stop working outside the home to be there to care for him we have less money for such things now. However, we have still been able to find some smaller, less expensive items that our now older children still appreciate such as key chains, toss pillows, mugs or water bottles, wall plaques, and the like. We just find things that are meaningful to each of the children depending on what their individual interests are. When we packed some things away when they began moving off to college there were a few things that my children put into plastic tubs for storage. Things that they wanted to keep but didn’t necessarily want to take to college with them. Some of those things were from Easter baskets and Christmas stockings that they have kept over the years, just small items that have now become keepsakes. Sometimes it was a small wooden cross that I had attached a bible verse to or a rock with a scripture reference carved into it. It doesn’t have to be something costly to be something they want to keep in their personal keepsake box. It does, however, warm the heart of this mom that those gifts, though small and seemingly insignificant have value to my children that you can not put a price tag on.

Staying with the true reason for the holidayThe crucifixion

We want to make sure that our children are continuing their walk with the Lord and encourage them to stay strong in their faith. Part of this is giving them gifts that will help keep their faith strong. For example, I have an artistic daughter so the Inspire Bible for Creative Journaling was perfect for her because although many pages have a wide 2-inch margin for her to draw or make notes in there are over 400 beautiful line-art illustrations spread throughout this Bible. Scripture art is attractively displayed throughout this Bible, and the illustrations can be colored in to make it unique, colorful, and customized to her liking. So for her, it was a perfect fit. It’s really just knowing each child’s interests and then matching a gift that will remind them of the reason we celebrate. We always try to make the Easter baskets for college students in our home to have some things in them that will remind our kids of the greatest gift they were given, the one given by Jesus

Keeping Jesus the main focus

It’s important to us that Jesus is kept the main focus. That the gift that he gave us is recognized. Without Him, we wouldn’t be celebrating the holiday. We would be celebrating the way the pagans who worshiped in their idolatrous ways celebrated or we would be celebrating Passover as the Hebrew people have done for centuries. Jesus paid a very high price to redeem us and our family chooses to make this our main focus. It’s the very least he deserves on this special day. Without his resurrection, we would not have a reason to celebrate the wonderful gift of redemption. Below is a link to some gift ideas that you may like to add to your Easter baskets for college students in your family. I pray your Easter holiday is blessed.

Easter gift ideas for college students

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