What is the new age about? Has it slipped into your church unawares? How would you know? If there is one area the church has avoided teaching us about, the tactics of our enemy is it. The church has as its main focus explaining to people about their need for God. It spends most of its service hours teaching about God. We need this first and foremost to be able to come into a relationship with our Lord and Savior. But when was the last time your church had a message on alternative spirituality? I think there is good reason why they have not been diligent about teaching us about the ways of our enemy, but it may be the reason why so many have left the church they were raised in and are looking outside of the organized church for answers they didn’t get there. Even if the subject is brought up, the way we handle discussion about New Age spirituality toward those who are attracted by it is a delicate situation. We must realize that those who truly believe the New Age teachings are serious about their spirituality and need to be spoken to with respect, not talked down to, insulted, or demeaned for their beliefs.

First-hand information

Josh Peck and Steven Bancarz are the co-authors of the book titled  The Second Coming Of The New Age. They were both, at one time very involved in the new age practices, teachings, and beliefs. Steven had quite a large following on social media as well as a very popular and lucrative website. He thought he was doing the right thing because so much of the teaching seemed to be compatible with the bible. Steven had been raised in a Christian home but had questions the church couldn’t answer so he searched for answers outside of the church. Both Josh and Steven are very open about how they got into the new age movement. They answer questions like “what is new age about?” for those of us who want to be able to recognize it. They talk about how it affected their lives as they got deeper into it and how the experiences they had made them realize something wasn’t as biblical as they had thought and that it had the potential to be indeed quite dangerous. Now they both are true followers of Jesus Christ and have their own Christian ministries where they work to expose the fallacies and dangers of the modern New Age movement.

The subtitle says a lot

The subtitle of their book is The Hidden Dangers Of Alternative Spirituality In Contemporary America And Its Churches. The enemy of our souls has always hidden the dangers of his tactics. From the very beginning, he tempted Eve only with all the things that sounded good about eating from a tree that would give her knowledge and make her like God. He has been doing it ever since. His tactics work very well for him so he isn’t going to stop using them. He is very clever with his approach, patient and subtle. Slowly luring his victims in little by little, deeper and deeper. Since Josh and Steven have previously been deeply involved in the New Age movement they can speak to the dangers that someone who is new to it will not see for a while. They tell how words are twisted and used to sound good and how appealing the messages are. They speak about how easy it is to get caught up in it, thinking that it is good and right. They know where it led them and many others. They know how hard it is to break free from it. They know what to look for and they wrote this book to give people the information they need to be able to recognize it as well. They explain how innocent it seems at first and how we can be completely caught off guard by the subtlety of its message. They provide both objective evidence and personal experience to present their message of a better alternative, Christianity.

So what is new age about? Tarot cards and crystals

New Age is not new, but it is growing at a rapid pace and it has been surfacing in our churches for quite a while. It is a spiritual system of thought and practice with values and traditions from various religions throughout the world. It really covers a wide range of topics in its very real supernatural teachings. The aim of the New Age teachings is to bring enlightenment, raise consciousness, reach a higher destiny or vibration, to discover their own divinity and be liberated from limitations, sufferings, and live in a state of “universal consciousness”. To reach a “Golden Age of Enlightenment” to bring about world peace by uniting all religions. It has no official rule of faith or practice, no New Age Bible. They seek to be spiritual but not religious. The works of mystics and occultists are often referenced as sources of truth and wisdom. God created us with an awareness that there is something beyond this world. We are to some extent naturally predisposed to supernatural concepts and favor supernatural ideas because we were made by God for a relationship with God to the glory of God, who is a supernatural being. We were created to have fellowship with Him and enjoy time in His presence. The New Age practices offer supernatural experiences without the need for faith or repentance from sin. When offered books on a variety of mystic practices, witchcraft, astral projection, crystals, tarot, Ouija, astrology, and more, it’s much more enticing than sitting in a pew listening to a sermon.

Do you know someone in the New Age Movement?

The Authors of this book were there. They can now look back in hindsight and talk about what it was that drew them into it. They give us a real understanding of not only what New Age is, where it started, how it progressed through time, but also the thought processes that keep those in it believing it is good spirituality, at least unless they get too deep into the occult practices of it and have some dangerous experiences. They are likely looking for the supernatural aspect of Christianity that they have not found. They truly believe they are enlightened, not realizing they are in spiritual darkness. As they begin to experience the supernatural practices of the New Age teachings it makes them feel special, unique, worthy. They found this as they were searching for something meaningful and fulfilling. They just don’t realize that the only thing that will truly fulfill this emptiness inside is Jesus. Josh and Steven are very open about lovingly explaining this in their book. They know how to use the scriptures properly to show people the errors they’ve been taught and they do it very well throughout the book. They discuss where the New Age teachings originated and who has promoted them and grown them over the years. They realize what it is like to be there because they were there. They thoroughly cover every aspect of the New Age teachings in this book. They also present the truths of scripture very well.

Who is this book written for?Woman holding Not Today Satan card

This book is clearly great information for those of us in the church who are concerned about the New Age practices that have been growing in many churches. It is very informative and eye-opening (no not the third eye) to those who have had no idea that it has been growing right in front of us without us knowing it. It is also written for someone who is in the New Age movement and very likely not even sure where its origins are. They just know that they feel something that is very spiritual and supernatural. They completely believe it is good. These two men have been there and explain very thoroughly and lovingly why it is not what it seems to be. They are very open and honest about what they experienced. They carefully cover what the New Age is really all about. They present the gospel of Christ very well. If you know someone in the New Age this would be a good book to read and to give. It informs you as to what the New Age is about. This gives you the answers you need to be able to talk to someone in the New Age movement intelligently. They’re more likely to listen when they hear you talking in a way that shows them you have some idea what new age is about. If you can get them to be open to it and they’ll read this book it will give them a new perspective and questions to ask themselves and others so they can make the right spiritual decisions for their life. I feel anyone in a leadership ministry within the church should read this book.   If your church has altar workers who pray with people this would give them a sense of what to be aware of when they are dealing with someone who may be struggling with  New Age ideas.  The information contained in it is very useful. It gives you a new perspective of what New Agers are looking for and not finding in the place they should be getting it the most….our churches.

I hope the importance of this book for today’s churches and Christians is clear. I also hope you’ll pass it on to someone who is searching for spiritual truth. I would love to see testimonies of lives changed by it.

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