Find Your Life Purpose
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If this was an easy question we would be living more happily, fulfilled lives. The problem is we don’t think about it until we are suddenly faced with it either shortly after graduation or worse after we have been working in a job that we only stay at because we have to have the paycheck. It’s easier when you are young to make a big life career change. It is not easy when you are older and have to ask yourself “after all these years how do you find your life purpose now”?


It starts when we are little

From the time you first start being able to understand language and forming your own sentences people begin asking you a question that you probably won’t know the answer to for years to come. What do you want to be when you grow up? When we are little it really isn’t so hard. Some little girls think they want to be a nurse, teacher, dancer, singer, I suppose most little girls hope to be a princess in one form or another, and then there is the all-important job of being a mommy. We just mimic what we see those around us doing. When we’re little it’s easier to not do some of the things that we don’t like doing and we usually start to recognize those things even while still in preschool.

It develops as we learn  Learning to garden with parents

After we spend a few years going through the elementary grades we begin to realize that we like certain things and certain tasks don’t really seem like work as much as others do. As we develop our reading, mathematical, and writing skills we eventually realize that some things come easier for our friends than they do for us and we are better at somethings that our friends think is challenging. We are all very different. We are all unique. We tend to practice and increase in skill according to the things we are naturally good at. These would be the God-given gifts that we were born with. Some of them come from our ancestors through the genes. Sometimes we have just been given them and these are the years when they are being developed enough to be noticed by others.

There is a purpose for our talents

As we progress through school and life experiences our likes and dislikes for certain things become more defined. We find ourselves in high school with people expecting us to have some idea of what our career choice might be in the near future and what college we will want to attend that is a good one for the career we may want to pursue. As you begin to have more defined interests and start thinking about the possibility of college you will look at all of your choices and wonder where do you find your life purpose’s best opportunities. By this time in life it’s good to have learned to hear God’s voice. He knows the talents and strengths he has gifted us with. He also has a plan for how he wants us to use those abilities for the good of all. He created each of us to accomplish certain things while on our earthly journey. It’s up to us to figure out what our talents are and then to find ways to use them for good in the world. The answer to the question, when do you find your life purpose is different for each person. When you begin to spend alone time with God in praise and prayer he will begin to reveal it to you.

One person can make a big difference

All through your life you have been being prepared in a variety of ways to find your life purpose. Through the people that you grew up around. Through the places you went and the activities you took part in. To some extent, all of those things over the course of your life helped create who you have desired to become. You may feel like your talents are too small to make any difference. You may be like I was and be 50 years old still asking how do you find your life purpose in this crazy world. I went from job to job doing fairly well be never totally a comfortable fit for me. It was something I had to force myself to do for the paycheck. Trust me, you don’t want to live like that for 40 years. It stinks. When you do find it you will feel so satisfied and so at peace and you will be amazed at how easily it just comes to you. That turmoil of not knowing why you’re here and having no purpose is unsettling. There are so many amazing things that people just naturally do and they don’t even realize how important it is to others because it comes so natural to them that they don’t see it as special. In our schools, neighborhoods, and churches there are everyday champions who are just normal people who are doing what comes naturally and easy to them. And there are others of us who are benefiting from their God-given gifts.

Still don’t know your calling? May I recommend a workbook?

If you aren’t sure what our life purpose is or how to figure it out or if you thought you knew but are feeling out of place in the choices you’ve made.   If you need a reset in your life.  This workbook and videos titled God.Gifts.You.: Your Unique Calling and Design might be the answer you are looking for. It was written by Shirley Giles Davis. Shirley has spent over 20 years helping people figure out what God’s call is for them. How to discover their individual gifts and how to practically use those gifts in everyday life. Her calling in life is to help other people find and use theirs. Shirley is presently on staff as Director of EquipConnectServe Ministries in Boulder, Colorado, in addition to working as a life/leadership coach, facilitator, and consultant. This workbook can be found on Amazon and if you’ll read their reviews you’ll see that several people say they found it to be an effective and practical guide, rating it highly. It comes with a questionnaire as an assessment of your gifts. I took the assessment myself and was amazed at how accurate it was. It gives you a guide on how your gifts can be practically and easily used in everyday life. I was very impressed with it. I pray you find the sweet spot in your career that you were created for.

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