Are you a note-taker like me?

I take sermon notes at church all the time. My bible margins are full of Bible full of notesother scripture references that relate to the one on the page. I also make notes in my bible when I attend bible studies. But when I’m doing a really deep thorough study I need so much more than even a wide margin bible provides.  This is a photo of one of my actual bibles.

Perhaps you are artistically gifted

Maybe you, like my daughter are a doodler. She’s quite artistic and like some of you who create your own beautiful cards, do scrapbooking, stamping or gorgeous calligraphy she has the ability to decorate her bible quite nicely.

But what is the best journaling bible for both study and art?

Don’t worry we have got you covered. Whether you’re the artistic, crafty type or you obsessively have to write down notes and quotes, we have the perfect solutions for you. No more page margins so full of notes or doodles that you can’t squeeze another one in. No more struggling to read the notes because they’re so tiny and crammed into a small space. Bible creators have come up with some excellent solutions for both the heavy note-takers and students of deep study and those who are blessed with an artsy flair. There are many bible coloring books for adults and journaling bibles with lightly lined wide side margins. The bibles with the two-inch-wide margins are great for stamping, calligraphy, drawing, painting, scrapbooking art, or whatever your preference is. The wide margins with the light lines are also great for note-takers who need to write more than just a couple of words really small. Both types of people are after the same goal, highlighting specific scriptures that are meaningful to us. Although journaling bibles with a nice two-inch wide margin on every page is really nice. There is a bible that goes one step better. Yes, it’s true.

Meet the interleaved Bible  Interleaved Bible

When it comes to the question of what is the best journaling bible my pick for the absolute best is the interleaved bible. This almost definitely will not be a bible that leaves home or study desks often. It’s not one that you would usually carry to church. The interleaved bible has a completely blank full page opposite of every page of text. Yes, that’s right extra totally blank pages. If you’re thinking it must be thick and heavy, you’re right, it is. They can weigh close to five pounds. That’s why I said it won’t be the one you carry around with you to church. As a student, carrying it would be a maybe.

Why the interleaved bible is best for artistic people

  • It gives you a larger canvas to work with than a regular journaling bible with two-inch margins. You’ve got a whole page every time you turn a page. A dream come true for creative people like you.
  • They are printed with a heavier grade of paper to help keep colors from bleeding through the pages.
  • You get to express your unique, creative talents as you read through scripture. Decorating each page in your own special way, to create anything you desire. You will create not only beautiful things to look at but thoughts on the scripture that was meaningful and maybe a prayer as well.
  • Some people love to put scripture to poetry and this gives plenty of room to use beautiful calligraphy styles for quotes or poems.  As well as a little artwork.
  • You get more out of the scripture when you are thinking about taking portions of them that stand out to you and deciding how to display your thoughts in a personally creative way. As you think about what the scripture says you’re meditating on that scripture and it will stick with you better. Some women have said their journaling bible doubles as their diary.
  • Anyone who creates anything with their hands knows it’s a stress reliever. Creating things helps us relax and unwind and let go of some worries that we aren’t supposed to be holding on to anyway. When those creative juices are flowing you just feel better and more joyful. It’s truly a healthy thing for us.
  • Make it your own prayer journal with beautiful illustrations.
  • Interleaved Bible for womenYou make it your own from Genesis to Revelation and it will likely become a family keepsake for generations yet to be. You may even decide to make one as a memory keepsake for each of your children. What a blessing that would be.
  • This is my second favorite interleaved journaling Bible (my Favorite is below).  I like this one because of its pretty cover.  I use it for a more personal thoughts journal.   ESV Journaling Bible, Interleaved Edition–Imitation leather with summer garden design From this link you are welcome to search for others that are also available.

Why the interleaved bible is best for the serious student

I was only able to find one interleaved journaling bible that was also a reference bible which is perfect for the serious bible study student. This is my number one choice for the ultimate interleaved study bible.

Newberry Reference Interleaved Study Bible 

  • It will hold up well because it is made of black calfskin leather.
  • It has a single column print across the page.
  • It includes Thomas Newberry’s marginal notes.
  • It has table weights, measures and coins, a Greek chart of propositions and much more.
  • A completely blank page across from each page of scripture text allows for ample note-taking space. Leaving plenty of room to take notes now and some space for the notes you will undoubtedly add to them in the future.
  • It helps keep your notes organized all in once place.
  • You have plenty of room to just express your thoughts and the ability to create your own commentary on the passage.

Some downsides to the interleaved bibles

  • They are big and heavy, usually about five pounds. As I mentioned above you won’t want to carry this one to church every week.
  • Many of them do not have white pages. For easier reading, they have a cream-colored page that some crafters do not have a preference for.
  • The blank pages are unlined which works very well for artistic people, but not the best when you are taking notes. It depends on your ability to write in straight lines without a tendency to go up or downhill. When you’re writing a lot you have to be careful about this.
  • Unless you are a crafty person I would not choose one with the cloth type cover. You can’t just wipe it off when it gets dirty. If, on the other hand, you are artistic you could decorate the cover as well and it’s not a problem.
  • If you like certain versions of the Scriptures you may have a hard time finding the one you prefer. Most of them are the ESV translation. I’m sure when the creators see how popular this type of bible is becoming they will consider adding more translation options.

So what is the best journaling bible available today?

My number one all-time favorite is the Newberry Reference Interleaved Study Bible. It comes with so many added helps for study, which is my passion. But for my daughter who is very artistic, it has to be any interleaved bible. The whole page, as opposed to a two-inch column for me and for her, is a great feature in a bible. I think once you start to look at them and consider all the possibilities they offer you, then you will agree it has to be an interleaved journaling bible. No other journaling bible compares. This one just has it all, for everyone.

I hope you found this to be informative and thought-provoking information. I hope there has been something sparked inside you to be more creative with words or art.   I pray God shows you how you could use this wonderful tool to enhance your walk with Him and the destiny He has created you for. That, after all, is our ultimate goal.   If this has helped to bring out a gifting that God has blessed you with please leave a comment below.  I would love to hear about it.   – Blessings, Tina
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