When Women Study The Bible Together They Support Each Other

Because I need it, you need it, we need it. Women need to study and know God’s word and we need each other. Women get each other. So many of us don’t get enough time to connect and truly bond with one another and it leaves an empty place in us. That empty place keeps us from being all we can be. That empty place through studying with other women in a study designed for women is about to be filled up.

Women don’t fellowship like they did in the past

When I was growing up my grandma and other women from church and family would come to her home to help with planting her large garden. My grandpa would till the ground and the women would plant the seeds. As harvest time came there were many warm summer days spent sitting under a big shade tree among a half dozen women chatting away as they snapped green beans or pulled peas from their pods. Then they would continue their conversations as they headed into the kitchen to begin the canning process. Those are precious memories to me. They all knew each other so well. They spent weeks together every summer as they worked on the garden’s harvest.

On holidays we would all show up early to my grandparent’s home. The women gathering in the kitchen to prepare the family meal. Each one had her specialty. Sometimes there would be a new dish added that often became a new tradition. After eating the women would discuss who was going to wash and who was going to dry the dishes. It never really seemed like work. Everyone did their part and the job usually went smooth and easy with plenty of stories shared throughout the day. I miss those times. Did your family do this? Ours doesn’t do this anymore. Times have changed. We just don’t do life together anymore. Have they changed in your household as well?  We’ve become disconnected from each other to an extent.

Online bible study provides more opportunities

The online format allows people to gather even if we don’t live close to each other. It also provides for those who don’t have the opportunity to get out of their home as often anymore. For those who have an illness or a disability or are older and perhaps in an assisted living situation, it can be hard to get out and do things the way we use to. Having a husband confined to a bed or wheelchair I understand how hard it can be to get into some places even if they are handicap accessible. It’s pretty much impossible to visit the homes of some family members when you’re in a wheelchair.  I, as his caregiver longed for a way to study scripture with other women and women’s online Bible study is an answer to my prayers.

Some busy moms are so tired by the time they get the kids ready for bed that they just put off going out to a bible study. But now you can sit in the comfort of your favorite space, cuddled up with your soft afghan and relaxing cup of tea and click on your computer to watch a bible study video and discuss the teaching with other women in real-time. Each one having a chance to share with each other your ideas about the teaching and any prayer requests you may have as well. There’s less of time restraint because you don’t have to factor in driving time.  Everyone will both bring something to the study and hopefully take some valuable treasures away from it as well.

Bible studies by women have a woman’s touch

Because The Father Loves His Daughters

We have all likely heard the term “Man Cave”. Well, these online bible studies done by women will likely all have at least somewhat of a feminine touch. These bible studies are written by women specifically for women.  Probably no moose head or WrestleMania on the wall.  And let’s face it some things women get that guys just can’t figure out. Yes are differences among women too, but there are also some things that seem to just be understood among us. I’ve always been a “tomboy” but have some aspects of my personality that are quite feminine. The women who produce these studies come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are single, married a short time or maybe for several years. Some of them have small children they are raising and others have children who are grown and grandchildren. Some have come through great disappointment, tragedy, and heartache. All of them as with us have a heart for God and a closer relationship with him while living out day to day life with its ups and downs.

Great variety of women’s studies available

There is certainly plenty of variety in the online bible study by women category to choose from. My goodness, I hope that isn’t an indication of how desperately needy women are for biblical teaching today. Although I will say there seems to a growing shortage of churches who focus on what we should be like as we live each day for Him because of what He as done for us rather than just focusing on what more He can give to us. We are dearly loved by God, but we must also remember that God has standards that He expects to be kept. I’m sure that whatever our needs are that the vast array of studies available will assist in our growing knowledge of how to grow closer to our loving Father and enhance our desires to better serve Him as we serve those around us.

Online makes these studies a come as you are event

Unwinding with our Father

You’re in the comfort of your own home so relax. If you think you look a mess guess what so will some of the other women participating and it’s okay because we are all here to love on and learn with each other.  It’s not a fancy, professional setting by any means. It’s just one woman with a heart to share online bible studies with other women. Connecting with God and building relationships with women who love Him too. I am now able to get what I’ve been missing and longing for and I am so thankful for that.  I want to provide these teachings to other women like you who can use them to help other women like me who struggle to be able to get out to go do a study and connect with a group of women.  So together we can experience all that God has for us and make an impact for Him while we are in this world. I pray that even if you’re tired, weary, or down when you attend the studies that you will log off of your computer being fulfilled each time.

The hardest part is where do we start?

Think of women you know who you would like to get together an study with more often.  If you contact your church they likely have knowledge of women who for various reasons may be interested that are no longer able to attend services any longer.  You could also contact the senior center in your area and ask to put up an announcement on their webpage or to put up a flyer in the senior center for interested women to contact you.  You may go old school and post a flyer in local businesses in your area.  If you are a member of nextdoor.com that gives you a connection with your local community where you can post the information.    You’ll be making new friends and growing together spiritually as well.  Who knows maybe you will be able to introduce someone to Jesus for the first time.  That’s exciting, isn’t it?   I’m bound to home a lot these days being a caregiver, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still serve my Lord and you can do it too.

May the Almighty Most High God bless each one of you.

Tina – Your Women’s Online Bible Study Provider

email: tina@womensonlinebiblestudy.com